How to Structure your Content – Part 2: Files, Emails and Favorites

As you can see in part 1 of this post (see How to Structure your Content – Part 1: Intranet Pages) we found a way to organize data in a way that was quite successful.


So I thought how about organize my whole files in the same way? After years of working it over following file structure was created:

Folder Structure - Files

Note that the files are sorted by time: as a company it needs to be

  • founded (10 – Law)
  • build a network  (20 – Networks)
  • and so find employes (30 – Employes). They need some
  • Hard- and Software (40 – Hard- & Software) and
  • Know-how (50 – Know-how). So we get some
  • Projects (60 – Projects) and
  • Customers (70 – Customers).
  • The administration – not computer administration (80 – Administration)
  • can create some bills (90 – Finance)
  • and has to pay taxes (100 – Taxes)


It worked so good that I decided to organize my emails in the same way:

Folder Structure - Emails

(of course folders that would be empty aren’t created yet)


And even my browser favorites:

Folder Structure - Favorites

You can find here part 1 of this post:

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