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This blog is a Community-driven development blog. Community-driven means that i have an eye on my site statistics and the topics that have the most traffic (= community interest) are updated to rich posts. Rich post content is updated regularly and the post headers have an image.

See POPULAR POSTS in the side bar. Rich posts have image thumbnails as well, normal post don’t:

Why did I change the Blog subject?

I didn’t blog for a while so I had to choose between shut down or make a complete restart.

Since I blog about various topics new focus is dev (=development). I love Angular and UX-Design/responsive Design.


This blog was a Community-driven SharePoint development blog.
SharePoint development was one of the key aims and it talked about SharePoint administration and SharePoint architecture as well.


In my other Blog you find further information about .NET development itself: https://dotnetkickstart.wordpress.com/about/

Current Certifications
  • Microsoft® Certified Professional – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480)
  • Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist – Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (70-511)
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You can find me in the popular social media networks as well.


A big thank you goes to Tom Resing, who’s blog inspired me and is one of the best SharePoint blogs in my humble opinion. (does anyone see some similarities? Naaaah!)     🙂

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