Angular with Visual Studio Code – Getting Started [Update]

Here’s a little step-by-step guide to get started with learning Angular 6. My preferred editor is Visual Studio Code so let’s get go! :)

1) Install packages the right way

I would strongly recommend to begin with Angular’s best practices. Using Angular CLI  makes your life easy – it already follows their best practices!

So: begin with …

2) Installing NVM – “Node Version Manager”

Why? Because using Node Version Manager fixes a lot of issues with Angular CLI. Here’s how to install it on Windows machines and here’s how to install on Linux/OS. Now you can…

3) Install Node.js

Node.js is the compiler. Don’t use the download from Node.js since you should install Node.js via NVM: simply enter nvm install latest in the command line interface.

4) Install Angular CLI

Here’s the GitHub guide how to install it. Please take care of the prerequisites.





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