SharePoint Configuration and Configuration Management

At the moment I read a lot about SharePoint configuration since I’m doing initial SharePoint configuration tasks. Here are two useful blog posts I have found.

Top 10 SharePoint Configuration Mistakes

Top 10 SharePoint 2010 Configuration MistakesThis blog post lists the top 10 SharePoint 2010 configuration mistakes (applies for SharePoint 2013 as well). I recommend to read this post before start doing basic configurations! 🙂

Besides the well-known ‘don’t use the SharePoint configuration wizard’ it names 9 more configuration mistakes such as Default SharePoint Database Settings which slows down SQL performance (and therefore SharePoint as well).

Here’s the complete post: Top 10 SharePoint 2010 Configuration Mistakes — and How to Fix Them | SharePoint 2010 content from SharePoint Pro

SharePoint Configuration Management

SharePoint Configuration ManagementAlso very useful – not only for initial configuration but for configuration management in general – is following article: SharePoint Configuration Management: Guidelines and Tips.

It shows how to track changes of SharePoint configuration and which benefits such a approach has.

Here’s the complete post: SharePoint Configuration Management: Guidelines and Tips

Other Ressources

25 Mistakes to Avoid in SharePoint or Office 365 (and How to Fix Them):